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Victoria - Head Office

Victoria/South Vancouver Island

Director-Property Management: Dale Schuss (250) 658-8060
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With approximately 375,000 people, Victoria is Canada’s fourteenth largest metropolitan area and also has the distinction of being the warmest city in the country. As the capital of British Columbia, government is a major employer however other strong economies exist such as tourism, high-tech, two universities (education), retail services and light industry. Victoria has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and matched with its natural beauty results in an active real estate market. The Victoria International Airport is the ninth busiest in Canada connecting Victoria to almost anywhere. Victoria is often second in the country when it comes to average house prices (behind Vancouver) and has had steady growth in this category making it an attractive place to invest. The rental market, both residential and commercial is strong, with light industrial space being relatively scarce; often supply has a hard time meeting the demand.

A good economy, strong demand and ongoing outside interest all means that high end investors will find Victoria an attractive place to invest, especially over the medium term.