Q- Isn’t looking after our own facilities part of our business?

A- When your organization was founded, was the main purpose to go into business to manage garbage contracts? Repairing and maintaining air conditioning? Buying and repairing furniture? Repairing walls, floors and ceilings? Of course not.

Q- Won’t Randall North cost more than if we managed our facilities ourselves?

A- Take your current spend on facilities and the time your staff spends on facility management and administration and we will reduce these costs. We do what you don’t have time for: continuous strategizing on how to reduce costs while keeping service levels high. Randall North has the experience and knowledge on cost savings and maintenance contract management. Our mission, whenever possible is to have our fees covered by cost savings on your facility budget.

Q- I’m not sure about the idea of outsourcing…

A- Chances are you already do plenty of oursourcing, for the same reason why you should have Randall North handle your facility management. You might engage an outside law firm to take care of legal matters rather than employ a department in house because it doesn’t make financial sense; nor do you buy your own garbage truck to haul waste to the landfill.

Q- What about staff we have now looking after our facilities?

A- We understand this concern. One point is to remember that facility management is not why you are in business however Randall North can offer you solutions for this often delicate issue. As a rapidly expanding company, we are always ready to hire good staff and we can take on any existing dedicated staff whenever it makes sense. These employees understand your culture intimately and we can further progress their careers as facility managers in our dynamic environment.

Q- Will Randall North take all control over our facilities from us?

A- No chance. A key part of our mission is to understand your business culture and your required service levels. We will meet with you as required to take your overall direction on what you need and what you expect when it comes to your facilities. It is then our job to implement your direction and vision to ensure your facility expectations are met.

Q- How will we measure the performance of Randall North?

A- We establish before we start key performance indicators (KPIs) that we will use to show you clearly how we are doing when it comes to managing your facilities. For us, the results mean continuous improvement or immediate action plans to show you how we will improve.

Q- How does Randall North make facility management easy for us?


  • Operations centre where calls can be received from you 24hrs/day 7 days/week
  • Tracking of all work orders to completion and follow up
  • Contract tendering and management
  • Detailed annual building inspections of every facility
  • Cost savings initiatives
  • Vendor (service provider) management
  • Electronic reporting
  • Leading edge facility management staffing

Q- How much does Randall North charge for all of this service?

A- Our fees are designed to meet your budget and cover a near limitless amount of work orders. The impact of our fees can be reduced and sometimes eliminated by operating cost savings; we always will save you money and time based on your current total cost expenditures on facilities and staff time. We can deliver most projects for you for a very reasonable fee with focus on time, budget and scope. We never charge project management fees on the use of consulting professionals who determine the scope and sign of certain projects.

Q- What next?

A- Let us meet and review your current situation and within 14 days thereafter, we will have a detailed proposal ready for you. It will then be your decision to proceed or not without any high pressure sales tactics from us.