Why do you need Facility Management?


When you run a facility, and especially multiple locations of the same business, it is imperative that a consistent set of standards be met. The state of your facilities’ cleanliness and orderliness, whether everything is working properly and efficiently, whether your clients have easy, safe, and welcoming access to your front door.

Why? Because your customers will know the difference. Because your customers have high expectations. Because customers spread the word- even more so in this age of social media where everyone with a smartphone is an instant critic. The image of your company is at stake, and the state of your business is broadcast to your potential clients in the blink of an eye.

Facility owners often think they save money by delegating maintenance and repair management to their location supervisors, who in turn pass on the tasks to their staff. The truth is, if your staff are being attentive to your customers, they shouldn’t have the time to be completing your repairs and maintenance. Their primary activities should be those that generate more revenue for your business: answering the phone, providing great customer service, processing transactions, making more sales.

Hiring a dedicated facility manager means that you can rest assured knowing your business is taken care of- consistently, thoroughly, on time and on budget. Not only is having a facility manager better for the upkeep of your business, a trusted contractor will also save you money and help increase your revenue.

Top 5 Reasons Why Hiring Randall North to Manage your Facility will Save You Money:

  1. We operate where you operate, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You don’t pay us overtime.
  2. You don’t pay the wages for a permanent staff member, including all requisite taxes and benefits.
  3. We negotiate the best rates with tradespeople and service providers because we “buy in bulk” for our regional clientele.
  4. You get what you pay for, and only what you pay for. We NEVER mark up services costs to generate extra profit for us. We do not bill you extra for the services we provide: no in house maintenance staff, no photocopying or postage charges, no lease renewal fees or project fees.
  5. We subscribe to an internal strategy to control costs at every level. This means we are always on the hunt for ways to save you money wherever and whenever we can.

Facility Management Services

  • Boiler maintenance and repairs
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dock leveler and scissor lift repairs and maintenance
  • Door maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical maintenance and repairs
  • Elevator maintenance and repairs
  • Energy management
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler maintenance and repairs
  • Floor cleaning
  • Garbage disposal
  • General repairs and maintenance
  • Generator maintenance and repairs
  • Gutter and storm drainage maintenance and repairs
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance and repairs
  • Irrigation sprinkler maintenance and repairs
  • Janitorial services
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Lighting maintenance and repairs
  • Lot cleaning including snow removal
  • Maintenance planning
  • Project management
  • Roof maintenance and repairs
  • Security services
  • Sign maintenance and repairs
  • Space planning
  • Window cleaning