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The Randall North Difference

What Makes Randall North Truly Different Than the Competition?

  1. Randall North is focused on using its property management expertise to help investors achieve their goals.
  2. Upkeep, by way of repairs and maintenance is not limitless. Randall North utilizes its expertise to identify what the property requires by way of maintenance and repairs. It will implement a program in the most cost effective manner available in the marketplace. Randall North knows what repairs should cost and utilizes its experience to ensure that work is completed at the lowest possible cost. Diligent cost control measures are taken to keep ongoing maintenance costs in line.
  3. Only a property in a good state of repair can achieve its highest potential which can mean: higher rents, better tenants, less vacancies and less criminal activity and yes, lower operating costs. What does this typically add up to? A higher property value.
  4. The budget process at Randall North is one that is undertaken with care. If a manager simply budgets by just adding a percent increase on all of the previous year expenses, what value are they bringing to the budget process? At Randall North we review budgets to find all possible cost savings; in fact we do this all year long.
  5. All repairs and maintenance that Randall North arranges for your properties are contracted to qualified professionals working in the community. We work with contractors to obtain the correct amount of service at the best price. Randall North does not employ any of their own maintenance staff. In many cases, property management companies have their own maintenance staff and use it as a profit centre –billed to the property(s) for so many hours whether they are needed on site or not. Maintaining low overhead is another way that Randall North creates value for its clients. For residential revenue properties, caretakers (if and when required) are employed by the owner and may perform minor repairs while on site.
  6. Every year, Randall North will provide the residential property owner a suite condition report. In the report, Randall North will identify possible upcoming repairs for planning purposes.
  7. The fees charged by Randall North for the most complete property management service package is very competitive. In fact, you just don’t pay a management fee, what you get back is value, time and time again. Randall North has a focus on value, good repair, cost control, project management, specialization and no hidden profit centres; all for a competitive fee.
  8. We never charge a fee for our expertly done lease renewals and lease administration. For residential properties we handle the Residential Tenancy Branch processes.
  9. At Randall North, we will work to help position your property in the marketplace to be the desired location for both existing and prospective tenants. We will also develop strategies to fill any vacant space with quality tenants.


Randall North Real Estate Services Inc. is licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of BC.