1. We take care of every detail.

From sourcing and vetting the right tenants to commit long-term, to ensuring that the most trusted and reliable tradespeople complete their repairs and maintenance on time. From keeping you informed of every change in bureaucratic regulation, to submitting annual reports so that you understand the value of your investment. Randall North has every detail covered.

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Managing multiple properties has motivated us to establish a systematic approach that we apply to all our clients’ investments. This means that you can expect us to be PRO-ACTIVE, not reactive, to issues that arise. We do our best to anticipate anything that may cause concern, and implement the right solution that fixes it for the long-term.

When unexpected issues arise, as they often do, OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM of property and facility management specialists are committed to acting quickly to coordinate all the necessary details, and following through to ensure your satisfaction.

We call our approach the Randall North Difference.

2. We save you time and money.

With Randall North on your side, you can rest assured that every aspect of your property or facility management will be taken care of on time and on budget.

  • We treat every service call as though it is our first priority.
  • We contract the most reliable tradespeople in the local area and train them to meet our expectations to exacting standards.
  • We oversee the work orders and follow up with both you, the client, and the trades team to ensure quality and satisfaction.
  • We make sure the job gets done right the first time.

We also know it is essential to minimize your maintenance costs in order maximize your profit.

  • We contract your service team from the best- the most reliable and professional tradespeople- in the business. We don’t direct your fees to salaries, taxes, and benefits for permanent employees. You pay directly for the services you use.
  • We do not maintain hidden profit centres. We don’t mark up the cost of trades or services, and then pocket the rest. You receive quality service at wholesale rates. Period.
  • We negotiate the best rates with our local tradespeople and service providers as we “buy in bulk”.
  • We don’t wait until the end of your fiscal year to review your budget. We look for ways to save you money throughout the year, take the necessary steps to make it happen for you.

For more details, read about the Randall North Difference.

3. We increase the value of your property.

We make every effort to protect your investment. We maintain your property or facility to an impeccable standard to ensure we attract quality, long-term residential and commercial tenants. We maximize rental revenue. We secure your property by minimizing vacancies and alleviating criminal activity. We diligently keep the costs down to maintain your property. All these measures means more money in your pocket now, and in the future.

For more details, read about the Randall North Difference.

4. We are easy to work with.

At Randall North, we are dedicated to our responsibilities as your property/facility management team. But we never take ourselves too seriously. We pride ourselves in being approachable, flexible, and fun to be around. There is always time for a great conversation and a good laugh.

We know that our ability to service our clients with both a professional and amicable approach originates directly from the people who work with and for Randall North. We create an environment for our staff, our property managers, and our contractors that is a true team atmosphere. Their satisfaction with each of their jobs translates directly into satisfaction for you, our clients.

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5. We are always looking for new ways to be better, faster, smarter.

At Randall North, we never settle. We are never satisfied. We are constantly researching ways to provide better service to you, to complete repairs and projects more efficiently, to keep your costs low and your revenue high. We subscribe to industry insider publications that showcase new products, new services and energy saving possibilities that we implement once we ascertain whether they are in your best interest. We keep abreast of new trends and challenges in the building industry, setting a standard for benchmarking typical building costs. We also stay on top of determining market values for rents and changes to the Residential Tenancy Act.

We do all this so you don’t have to. Randall North is always on your side.

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